December 8, 2012

HHDE days 6-8: making orchids happy

* read the original HHDE post here. follow along and post your daily endeavors in the comments! {click photos to enlarge}

admittedly, days 6 and 7 were slow in the "making" department. i had a dinner to attend on day 6 and an adult weeknight sleepover!! which kept us up beyond the wee hours of the morning, acting more like gossipy teenagers than adults and made me absolutely useless on day 7. i made myself dinner, but didn't document it – angel hair pasta with an artichoke-olive pesto-ish sauce, and a spinach salad. it did the trick.

however, day 8 was back on. check out my orchids, which i have apparently made very happy:

soaking orchids in the sink

you will no doubt be seeing more of these ladies once they are all in bloom – stay tuned!

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