December 17, 2012

HHDE days 13-16: parties, packages, and cakes (oh, my!)

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it's party time, people! i had two events on friday, two on saturday, and another on sunday. that plus all of the usual weekend hullabaloo, and you've got an absent (but busy) blogger. i had a ton of packages to mail, both etsy and holiday, so i got to play wrapping elf, boxing (and box-building) elf, and mail elf.

for our first official family holiday gathering yesterday, i made this earl grey chocolate bundt cake. it was good, but i only tasted the earl grey in the batter, not so much in the cake. oh, the batter? yes, i still lick the beaters.

and, we had a great time spoiling our nieces yesterday, and i think they liked it, too!

i've been messing with my office set-up and will be back with photos of it soon. cheers!

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