December 3, 2012

handmade homemade december endeavor

it occurred to me just recently that i make something every day. not always something major or pat-yourself-on-the-back accomplish-worthy, but something. so, with that, i've decided that for all 31 days in december 2012, i will document whatever it is that i'm making. the safety net on this endeavor is that it does not have to be a unique project to fulfill this "challenge" – it can simply be a little creative moment, a craft project, a homemaking endeavor, or just what's getting whipped up in the kitchen. want to join me?! follow along and post your daily endeavors in the comments!

december 1:
brown butter snickerdoodles, for a cookie exchange party

december 2:

Holidays are Here Wreath for Eleanor

Reindeer Grapevine Wreath

Juniper Swag


  1. love the wreaths! found you on the etsy success team. great blog :)


  2. hi saralyn! thanks for popping in and saying hello. looks like you're up to some fun stuff, too - i'll be following your blog. cheers!