February 22, 2013

product review: urban outfitters / industrial dresser

due to an odd-shaped spot in our bedroom between the closet and the window, i've been searching for the right piece of furniture for quite a while. we used to have an armless slipper chair in that spot, but it just ended up with a pile of clothes on it. so i finally bit the bullet and purchased this dresser, since it was the only one i've found that would foot the bill. the first one arrived with some damage, and, after a confusing and slightly misleading exchange with a customer service representative, unpacking, repacking, and unpacking the 78-pound box (not to mention getting it up into and back down from our apartment), i received a solid, good-to-go replacement. overall, i'm happy with it – i knew the drawers would not be too big or of the best construction. for now, it's what we need and what we have!

February 13, 2013

perhaps the nerdiest reorganization project of all time

rehanging the living room brought to light the disaster that was our hardware "organization." so, i hopped to and bought a new container (with a proper lock, which our existing one no longer had), sat down with some HGTV and got to reorganizing our nails, screws, hooks, and beebobs. much better!


February 11, 2013

reorganizing (art edition)

i've been doing the usual new year's purge/organization re-vamp of both the nooks and crannies (eg, bathroom drawers/medicine cabinet and the like) and more public displays in our house. this is the living room gallery wall re-hang i just completed, after having moved some photos in from other rooms (sources included below). nothing looks this crooked in person, i swear.

{click to enlarge} 
1. Jonathan Gitelson Popcorn Machine from "The Scavenger Hunt" 
2. Micro-Fred Small Moose Trophy from Cardboard Safari on Etsy
3. Yellow Tracks Roller Coaster (by me)
4. Locks (by me)
5. Justin Newhall Bear Chasing Captain Lewis, Great Falls, Montana from "Historical Marker"
6. Found branch, West Virginia, November 2009
7. Sarah Bierman Grass Throw from "Four Five Six"
8. Shack, Healdsburg (by me)
9.  Talking Birds from Pistachio Press on Etsy
10. {title unknown} by Rachel Austin on Etsy 
11. ceramic feather from Jayson Home and Garden (so is our couch!)
12. Redwoods re-printed with permission from the Library of Congress
13. Wire Tightener by me – available on Etsy 
14. Knitty knitty by Ashley G on Etsy (we also have Come on in (green) in the attached sunroom)
15. Side Plate from Anthropologie
16. Valley View by me – available on Etsy

February 4, 2013

cheese box side table

hi again. things have been quiet in the shop, and though i've also been quiet here, i have been working on some fun projects.

inspired by this design*sponge before and after, i picked up this cheese box for a pittance at a local home resale store, added castors, and called it a table. bonus: it's from a local (wisconsin) cheesemaker, and does not seem to have housed a stinky cheese! i might add a protective coat of varnish once the weather's warmer and i can work outside, but otherwise it's just perfect as it is.

cheese box + castors = side table
cheese box side table vignette