December 12, 2012

HHDE day 11: stops and shakes

* read the original HHDE post here. follow along and post your daily endeavors in the comments! {click photos to enlarge}

i've got a few non-pictorial statements to start!

today i made:
  • stops for attempted xmas shopping after work
  • myself go to yoga
  • more stops between yoga and home
  • myself go to bed at 11 p.m. and get 8 full hours of sleep
and, finally, a shake! or smoothie, depending on which you prefer. a KALE shake. i guess i use the two terms interchangeably. it wasn't bad and i will probably do it again though i will add some honey to sweeten it up a bit next time. if you still have reservations about it, i will say that it smells more like kale than it tastes like kale.

kale smoothie and a fabulous reusable metal straw

here's my non-recipe recipe:

1/2 an apple
1/2 frozen banana
two handfuls kale, already cleaned and prepped
dollop of greek yogurt
almond milk

dump all ingredients into vitamix blender, let it rip, drink  and enjoy!

while we're on the subject, i'll give you a little preview to my day 12 activities, which started with shake. that's two back-to-back meals involving shakes! this one is an orange, frozen pineapple, pomegranate shake with the usual 1/2 frozen banana, dollop of greek yogurt, and almond milk. one of my favorite combinations!

fruit shake and another fabulous reusable metal straw
i'm planning to tackle some crafty activities tonight, so i hope to have a fun update for you tomorrow!


  1. what did i make yesterday? oh...i made a photoboard for what i SHOULD wear on our blog...but i have questions. you know my adversion to green drinks, but i am interested in the pink one. would a blender or a bullet work instead of the vitamix? and hello?? metal straws?? details

    1. only one way to find out how your blender works is to give it a try! the link to the metal straws is included in the kale photo caption. get some!