December 5, 2012

HHDE day 4: butter lettuce salad

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i know i said that the "handmade/homemade" endeavor didn't need to be a major accomplishment, but posting a photo of a (delicious) salad feels a little like cheating – i make salads all the time. but the rest of my day was busy with work, christmas shopping on my lunch hour (for which, i have to admit, i was getting creative with some gift ideas!), and yoga after work.

so, i give you my butter lettuce salad. it has shaved fennel, blueberries, chopped pistachios, and goat cheese (i forgot the cucumbers – whoops) with a honey-champagne vinaigrette dressing. tah-dah!

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  1. today i made christmas green and red pinwheel cookies. usually i like to make all my baked goods from scratch, but since this is a large order for a fundraiser i cheated and used store bought sugar cookie dough. i did mix the food coloring and have stained hands to prove it...