December 19, 2012

HHDE day 17: making my office work

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while this is not done, and so i hesitate to share prematurely, i did spend most of my day on monday making my office work better for me. i don't know what's gotten in to me after almost 7 years in this office, but i have finally decided to do something about the set-up and functionality. i have a very small office, but it is my own office, with a door and a window! i process and sign a lot of paperwork and disseminate a lot of stuff, so i make a lot of piles and have very little room to spread out. i was scored a "new" (old) desk from the warehouse, one with a large desktop and drawers, glorious drawers. there is still some reorganizing and reconfiguring to be done, but here's a glimpse:

big dark desk

snack drawer!

re-organized shelves

organized drawers!

what's left to work out is (1) if a different chair will work any better with this desk; (2) where can the printer move to and if there's a smaller piece of furniture for it; and (3) reorganizing the bulletin board.

it's kinda mad men-ish, yea? maybe i need new lighting and a cocktail cart, too?!

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