March 14, 2013

google reader alternatives

i was surprised to learn today that google reader will only remain available until july 1, 2013. i thought this article from included a number of good alternatives.

which reader product do you use/recommend?

March 11, 2013

framing advice

i need some advice on framing. i just acquired 4 paintings/drawings (two singles and a diptych) that will need to be matted and framed. i have used joann's but never have used michael's. my usual m.o. is to cobble together mats and frames from various sources (dick blick, target, resale shops, etc.) and do it myself. but in this case, it's time to call in the professionals, partly because they are all odd sizes. what are your favorite resources?

untitled landscape by Darren Burge

March 7, 2013

think spring shop sale!

one of these days, spring is a-comin! to help you get ready and brighten things up, use coupon code THINKSPRING for 15% off in the shop.

March 1, 2013

custom terrarium project

i was recently hired to do a home reorganization and rearrangement project and, while we were celebrating our success at the end of a long weekend with a glass of champagne, the client asked me to create a custom for her living room.

custom terrarium for C.C.

i knew right away that i wanted to keep the cost of the vessel low, since i had already helped her spend a heap of dough on the reorganization project. if you have extra scratch to spend on a lovely vessel, i highly recommend the recycled glass terrariums at sprout home (sprout also happens to be one of my happy places).

so, i set off to tjmaxx and landed an anchor hocking 2.5-gallon jar with lid for a mere $20 + tax. think creatively to save money and figure out a work around! my client is a lover of all animals, but particularly of pigs, so i added a vintage plastic piggie to personalize it for her. i watered everything before sealing it up with the lid. i can't wait to give it to her tomorrow!

step 1: get the goods (jar)
step 1: get the goods (plants). zamioculcas (Z plant), tricolor fern, polka-dot hypoestes
step 2: river rocks on the bottom
step 3: activated charcoal
step 4: plants and finishing touches. here, i've included a dried
mushroom at left and a vintage plastic piggie on the right.