December 3, 2012

HHDE day 3: vignettes

* read the original HHDE post here. follow along and post your daily endeavors in the comments! {click photos to enlarge}

handmade homemade december endeavor (HHDE) day 3 focused on vignettes. you see, my hubs, The Mistero, bought himself a new television which precipitated a whole furniture redeux. we purchased a new media stand (pictured) and shelf (also pictured), and moved the green chair in from our bedroom (which created new decorating problems in there, but i'll save that for another post!).

so, i got to decorating the shelf and shifting some other furniture around to complement what is now going around the television. of course i had to include a branch, but i also wanted to soften up the hard edges of the metal shelf (the edge of the media stand is also metal) and add several textures and colors. {click photos to enlarge}

the living room connects to the front sunroom and i tried to establish some continuity from one room to the next with the new set-up.

the other side of the sunroom and living room are still a work in progress, however, the existing vignette above the couch will stay as it is, or maybe get an update or addition. i can't decide, but will post more pics when i stop obsessing.

comments, questions, and suggestions welcome! do you think i need to move the hanging light from the sunroom to above the green chair next to the television? i also can't decide about that ....


  1. love the photo display above the couch! i need a whole photowall in my house!

  2. forgot to say what i made today! i made homemade choc chip cookies and a digital scrap book for my inlaws...oh and i decorated cupcakes for the husband's birthday.