November 22, 2011

the studio

this is my "studio," in the back sunroom of our house. there are a number of windows that face west, but with these dark days of winter, you'd barely know it! good thing i have all of these colorful, pretty things to keep the gloom at bay...

messy studio = busy studio!

November 20, 2011

foraging in austin

we went to visit some friends in austin, texas last weekend and enjoyed a lovely visit: good friends, good food, good weather, and, best of all ... good foraging! i checked this 3-foot-long box as luggage (for free - thank you, southwest airlines!) and brought home all the goodies that i found while there (this is half-unpacked). look for new items in the shop soon!

November 11, 2011

for keeps

i decided that i like this wreath kind of a lot, so instead of in the shop, it's on our door! speaking of the shop, i'm so pleased that it's getting lots of traffic. five days in it's got 427 views and 16 favorites! just still waiting for that first sale ...

November 7, 2011

diy driftwood shelf

one of my favorite new editions to the house is this diy driftwood shelf. i found the wood washed up on the michigan shore this fall and bought some simple industrial "L" brackets to hang it above our diy prep table.

p.s. - those are peppers and tomatoes from our garden! i purchased the little piggy chalkboard on etsy and the mccoy pottery cookie jar was my grandparents.

November 4, 2011

cactus tea cup perversions

i've been busy at work in the "studio" crafting away in order to open the shop. but i have not yet determined if i should sell any perversions, as i'm not sure how to ship them. so, instead, tea cup perversions have recently gone instead as housewarming gifts to amy+greg:

and katy+dan: