November 18, 2013

yodle lay hee hoo?!

hi again, to anyone still out there.... just wanted to let you know thatnew christmas wreaths are going up in the shop. get yours now!

Thistles and Snowflakes Christmas wreath

September 14, 2013

shop vacation and coupon code

hi there!

Straw Corn Swag $25

not only are there some new items in the shop for fall, i'm trying to get things into your hands before i leave on a much-needed extended vacation at the end of the month. use coupon code 13SEPT2013 for 13% off though september 23. (i was inspired by yesterday's friday the 13th!) the shop will remain open while we're gone, though items won't ship until we're back (makes sense, right?). ;)

also, new items have been added to the 2nd shop, LindaLouVintage, where we are selling vintage items inherited from a distant relative's estate. if you haven't already, please have a peek!

hope you are all enjoying the season!

August 3, 2013

introducing my new etsy vintage shop: LindaLouVintage!

i've opened a second etsy shop to find homes for all of the recently inherited treasures: LindaLouVintage! there's an odd lot of collectible items for sale there, and i'll continue to add more! please check out the new shop, and let me know if you see something you love. here's a few teasers:

Carving Set
Wind-up Elephant

Booklet of Canadian Stamps

Minolta XG7 Camera Body

July 22, 2013

vintage books

i have been busy with a new summer project researching and selling a collection of inherited things. most of it is stuff that i know nothing (but have been learning) about: coins, World War II memorabilia, old books and toys, pottery, etc. i came across a real find (for me) this weekend - a children's book called Mother Let Me Do It which has amazing illustrations that have me so excited. the book was published in 1925 and in addition to the fabulous color plates in the book, it includes poems about chores and everyday tasks for children. here are a few images; you can check out the full listing on ebay.

illustrated hardcover
inside cover (same front and back)

color plate and poem

June 11, 2013

stag horn fern project and sunroom redux

admission: we did two DIY projects involving driftwood this past weekend. the second was to mount this stag horn fern to a small piece of driftwood and hang the whole shebang on the wall. it is mounted between the living room and sunroom (the sunroom windows fast east, north, and south). this guy makes me incredibly happy. i love, love, love it, and i hope he likes his new home, too. once he was on the wall, it inspired a whole switcheroo of plants from elsewhere in the house to round out the new and improved treehouse feel for the front sunroom (pictured below).

June 10, 2013

oh, hi!

sorry, readers -- it's been a while to say the least. what's been going on? things have been busy. really busy. busy at work, busy traveling, busy being sick, busy doing. things in the shop have been selling themselves, and i will be posting new items this week -- good news, right?! this also means that i'm back in full swing, and have a few good projects to share.

the first is our driftwood wall art project. we recently nabbed this awesome piece of driftwood in ohio and thought it would be great above the bed, where we've been thinking we needed to add something. turns out, it pairs great with the new diptych of drawings by chicago artist darren burge. all we did to the driftwood was scrub it in a bleach-water solution, let it dry in the sun, and apply a little outdoor wood oil to seal it.


so that i'm not inundating you with one long post about all of the projects, i'll stretch them out a bit. stay tuned for more!

April 24, 2013

office re-vamp

you might remember my post last year about trying to make my office work better for me. the remaining items in the "what's left to figure out" category proved to be the catalyst for a really legitimate change in my office set up. not only do i now have more countertop/desktop space, i still have enough drawers to keep the clutter out of sight and i get to turn and enjoy my window. i've even made sure to position myself in such a spot that passersby in the hall can't see what i'm doing. so far so good!

April 23, 2013

wood slab table redo

the Mistero and I have been working on overhauling this wood slab table and its two benches since last fall. we sanded off layers and layers of varnish from the tabletop and benches, and now the Mistero insists on also sanding the bottoms (sigh). while i agree that sanding dramatically improves the undersides, does anyone really care? the clean, refinished surfaces have been painstakenly oiled many times over. i'll share more photos as we progress with this project. while we are obviously pouring lots of DIY TLC into this project, we don't really have a place for any of these pieces in our home. that said, if any one might be interested in purchasing the table, its awesome iron base, or one of the benches, please contact me for more information and additional photos.

mid-process of refinishing this awesome wood slab table on a Chicago Iron Works base

wood slab tabletop detail (un-oiled)

instagrammed photo of the freshly oiled underside of bench #2

April 7, 2013

custom orders

i've been getting a lot of requests for custom orders lately. if you've been considering something, dash me a message - let's talk! inspired by the Inca Sunflower Wreath in the shop, i created two large-scale custom wreaths for Candace's oversized entryways. i made these 22-inch wreaths for her 29-inch wide double doors.

March 14, 2013

google reader alternatives

i was surprised to learn today that google reader will only remain available until july 1, 2013. i thought this article from included a number of good alternatives.

which reader product do you use/recommend?