December 6, 2012

HHDE day 5: making progress

* read the original HHDE post here. follow along and post your daily endeavors in the comments! {click photos to enlarge}

last night was kind of a whirlwind. i had to build a box for a custom wreath order and i couldn't think of anything MORE BORING to show you than a photo a pieced-together box! after building the box and arranging the shipping details and pick up, i made a homemade pizza for dinner, which i enjoyed with more salad. i was so excited to dig in, that i forgot to take a proper picture of it straight out of the oven. here are the leftovers:

then i got to the real "meat" of the night: working on my 2012 minibook(s). i've been compiling my photos and ephemera for this years books, sorting it by month, and then waiting to do anything more with it. i've made two special minibooks already this year – one for the roadtrip we did with our BFFs before they moved abroad in january 2012, and another for a long weekend getaway that The Mistero and i took in february 2012. but now i have the other 11 months worth of "regular" stuff to tend to, so two weeks ago, i busted out all of my papers and supplies and got started, but then i had days and weeks when i made no progress whatsoever. i find that when i sit down to do it, it's kind of addictive! so much so that i stayed up until 1 am on a tuesday night (a "school" night!) feverishly racing against some non-existent deadline. if you know me personally, you know that having this strewn all over the dining room table for days and days on end was making me crazy. (side note: yes our table is purposely off the rug; the old media cabinet from the tv redeux is on the left. and yes, having it there is also making me crazy.) 

i recently started printing my photographs through mpix — i find their prices to be very reasonable, and they offer some great paper options, including the pearlescent paper i've written about before. i thought the easiest place to start the 2012 minibook(s) would be with our october 2012 trip to california. for whatever reason, i didn't make this a separate book, but it is definitely the substance of the october-november-december book. i started by trying something new: two page spreads ....

i also was happy to use my corner rounder (nerd alert!) and text and decorative thickers. the tjmaxx stores in chicago seem to get a pretty steady stream of thickers and i may or may not have lost my mind the first time i saw them there and bought a zillion packages.

and, while i was already huffing rubber cement with the papercrafting supplies handy, i cuted up something for one of my nieces for xmas:

 i'll be back at 'ya with more tomorrow!

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