April 23, 2013

wood slab table redo

the Mistero and I have been working on overhauling this wood slab table and its two benches since last fall. we sanded off layers and layers of varnish from the tabletop and benches, and now the Mistero insists on also sanding the bottoms (sigh). while i agree that sanding dramatically improves the undersides, does anyone really care? the clean, refinished surfaces have been painstakenly oiled many times over. i'll share more photos as we progress with this project. while we are obviously pouring lots of DIY TLC into this project, we don't really have a place for any of these pieces in our home. that said, if any one might be interested in purchasing the table, its awesome iron base, or one of the benches, please contact me for more information and additional photos.

mid-process of refinishing this awesome wood slab table on a Chicago Iron Works base

wood slab tabletop detail (un-oiled)

instagrammed photo of the freshly oiled underside of bench #2

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