June 10, 2013

oh, hi!

sorry, readers -- it's been a while to say the least. what's been going on? things have been busy. really busy. busy at work, busy traveling, busy being sick, busy doing. things in the shop have been selling themselves, and i will be posting new items this week -- good news, right?! this also means that i'm back in full swing, and have a few good projects to share.

the first is our driftwood wall art project. we recently nabbed this awesome piece of driftwood in ohio and thought it would be great above the bed, where we've been thinking we needed to add something. turns out, it pairs great with the new diptych of drawings by chicago artist darren burge. all we did to the driftwood was scrub it in a bleach-water solution, let it dry in the sun, and apply a little outdoor wood oil to seal it.


so that i'm not inundating you with one long post about all of the projects, i'll stretch them out a bit. stay tuned for more!

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