February 11, 2013

reorganizing (art edition)

i've been doing the usual new year's purge/organization re-vamp of both the nooks and crannies (eg, bathroom drawers/medicine cabinet and the like) and more public displays in our house. this is the living room gallery wall re-hang i just completed, after having moved some photos in from other rooms (sources included below). nothing looks this crooked in person, i swear.

{click to enlarge} 
1. Jonathan Gitelson Popcorn Machine from "The Scavenger Hunt" 
2. Micro-Fred Small Moose Trophy from Cardboard Safari on Etsy
3. Yellow Tracks Roller Coaster (by me)
4. Locks (by me)
5. Justin Newhall Bear Chasing Captain Lewis, Great Falls, Montana from "Historical Marker"
6. Found branch, West Virginia, November 2009
7. Sarah Bierman Grass Throw from "Four Five Six"
8. Shack, Healdsburg (by me)
9.  Talking Birds from Pistachio Press on Etsy
10. {title unknown} by Rachel Austin on Etsy 
11. ceramic feather from Jayson Home and Garden (so is our couch!)
12. Redwoods re-printed with permission from the Library of Congress
13. Wire Tightener by me – available on Etsy 
14. Knitty knitty by Ashley G on Etsy (we also have Come on in (green) in the attached sunroom)
15. Side Plate from Anthropologie
16. Valley View by me – available on Etsy

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