February 22, 2013

product review: urban outfitters / industrial dresser

due to an odd-shaped spot in our bedroom between the closet and the window, i've been searching for the right piece of furniture for quite a while. we used to have an armless slipper chair in that spot, but it just ended up with a pile of clothes on it. so i finally bit the bullet and purchased this dresser, since it was the only one i've found that would foot the bill. the first one arrived with some damage, and, after a confusing and slightly misleading exchange with a customer service representative, unpacking, repacking, and unpacking the 78-pound box (not to mention getting it up into and back down from our apartment), i received a solid, good-to-go replacement. overall, i'm happy with it – i knew the drawers would not be too big or of the best construction. for now, it's what we need and what we have!

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