January 8, 2013

HHDE day 31: arrivederci 2012!

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we filled the time between xmas and NYE with a trip to the vet for poor spider-dog's uti, bacterial infection, and loose tooth and a trip to the hospital for The Mistero's very-badly-sprained-but-not-broken ankle, scraped shin, and pulled neck muscle from a fall on the icy stairs outside our apartment. these were two hands-on projects that i hadn't planned or looked forward to.

The Mistero waiting (uncomfortably) for the diagnosis
Spider doing her best to keep The Mistero off his feet by laying on his crutches

despite all the doom-and-gloom news to end the year, we managed to pull together a fine meal and pop a few souvenir bottles of gruet from our visit there last february. but, because we weren't fully-functioning, we had to forgo our usual homemade fried chicken recipe from one of my/our favorite cookbooks of all time, ad hoc at home, and instead ordered take-out chicken. i made mac-n-cheese, and my go-to is always martha stewart's recipe, which i have now made so many times that i have my own adaptation on it. maybe i will get around to posting my recipe for it one of these days. we also made whipped sweet potatoes and kale salad. the biscuits came with the chicken and our friend brought a very tasty chocolate mousse cake, which we shared right at midnight after a few rounds of games.
NYE dinner
chocolate mousse cake

i hope you all had a safe, happy, and healthy NYE! cheers to 2013!

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