November 13, 2012

45 in 54

the twigs, twine, and thyme etsy shop has been open for 54 weeks now. while i had been making wreaths,  branches, photographs, and terraria all along, somehow it took me until late october 2011 to turn this hobby  up to number eleven, as they say.  i've had 45 sales on etsy in the last 54 weeks, and, in honor of the wonderful, mutually beneficial exchange that we share as maker and buyer,  i will be sending a special bonus gift/item to the buyer who breaks the 50 bubble! so, get shopping, and hope that it's you!

don't forget - if you have your eye on something that's been sold (see below), send me a note, because i just might be able to re-create it for you!

with cheers and thanks,

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